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hello everyone this is george and im from fresno california. currently have a fox body in the works and i heard about this site from a group of you guys that raced in fresno. andy and charles i believe. :hmmmm2:


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great to see you here... will be trying to get out to fresno in the fox real soon! by the way im andy


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cool thanks guys. well if you guys got a spot down there we could go there and check it out. we used to go there and race with some friends but its been a while. all the spots here are burned thanks to the ricers.


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Hello everyone,
My name is Vladimir. I've been here for a couple of months now - I transfered from 60s in Norfolk to a fixed wing command out here. I've not logged on the site for a while so I missed a pm from Joe, the one with a black sc s197. Not sure if he is in town since the calls go straight to voicemail. I got one of your cards at an autocross event on NAS Lemoore last month. I didn't participate as the car was having a large number of issues.
I drive a redfire red '06 4.0 with pony package. I bought it in 2007 and did quite a bit of work to it. I've still a long ways to go with my goals for this car. I'm sure some of you seen me around town or on the highway. When and where do you guys plan to meet up next if you don't mind me joining?


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We normaly me the first Wensday of every month we missed this month ,we try to make no dues at to
he Black Bear on fridays hope to meet up with u soon.Ihave a 05 V6 with GT bumpers and dual exhaust


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Welcome, we post the major meets on here, but we also do random short notice meets, if you want to PM me your cell # i can shoot you a text when ever we have one. Joe is actually out at sea for a couple of weeks right now


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I posted this on the nationwide new members. But I think It would better apply to this section of the forum.

Okay, so because none of you know me yet...here's an intro.

I have 2 mustangs:
2001 Mustang GT (Performance Red)
Blue Oval COP's
MAC O/R pro-chamber x-pipe
Magnaflow Catback with SLP Loudmouth 1's
1999 Cobra IRS
H&R Super Sport Springs
FR500 Wheels
17x9 front
17x10.5 rear
04 Lincoln Aviator 4v 4.6L motor (not installed)
01 Cobra ported and polished intake manifold (not installed)

1970 Mustang Fastback (Primer Gray Right Now)
1972 Maverick 302 motor. all original from 72
Chrome Crager wheels
1971 429ci SCJ bottom end (not installed)
1970 SCJ heads (not installed)

I'm currently in Washington stationed on NAS Whidbey Island. I'm getting some orders to move to NAS Lemoore, CA. I belong to Island Classic Mustang Club. My reason for joining wicked mustangs is because I'm looking for a new club and/or group to mess around in some mustang's with. Hopefully I'll be some help to some of you with IRS swaps, 4v swaps, and random mustang talk. I'm transferring sometime late 2011.


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welcome, shoot me your name and number in a PM and when you get stationed down here ill be able to keep you informed on all the events we have going on


stationed here at NAS Lemoore, The car 2011 Shelby GT500 svtpp performace white shaker 500, electronics package, A lady came over to a friend of mine in base housing and asked me "is that a GT500.....OMG it is... you should check this site out" i said awsome i have seen some of them around before and would be glad to meet up with some of you. The name is Jeremy i will be at the NO DUES meet this friday, i was there last friday but it was an off night for them so see yall soon. i am very interested in car shows and track events.


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Welcome Jeremy, Kristina sent me a picture of your GT500, looks great man. PM me your number and I can keep you informed on all the small events that pop up. To meet you at no dues next week, wont make it out this week.